Sensory Design Workshops

Explore your own sensory and emotional diversity to design for the diversity of others

View from Kopelkerk balcony of sensory design workshop in action at EuroIA 2016
EuroIA conference 2016 Photo: Peter Vermaercke

Alastair Somerville is a globally recognised expert on sensory cognition and design.

His workshops run from 90 minutes to full day and are designed to be both informative and fun.

The key idea is that in order to understand design for the diversity of other people’s sensory and emotional experiences, participants need to understand the diversity of their own experiences.

The workshops enable all finds of people, from all kinds of organisations to:

  • Understand how to use senses and emotions to communicate more clearly
  • Recognise why services are failing to connect with user needs
  • Expand team capacities to design innovative products

Clients include companies, including Google and CX Partners, and conferences, including UX Week and South By SouthWest.

Workshops for everyone

Diagram of industries and professions workshops run in
Workshops for all types of client

Sensory design is for any industry and any profession.

Since 2014, workshops have been run for digital designers, hardware manufacturers, museums and many different professions.

These workshops extend the capacities of staff to deliver better products and services.

Workshop format

Sensory design workshops are designed to both extend the knowledge of participants (moving from 5 senses to…32 senses!) and expand their understanding of how senses and emotions work (how quickly emotions positively and negatively affect the use of a product).

The workshops are highly interactive and team-based.

They offer an excellent way of mixing all kinds of people from different departments to work together to understand new ways of solving old problems or creating new products.

Workshop feedback

“…engaging and fun…forward thinking…expertly handled…”
O’Reilly Design conference

“Best session in 10 years of SouthBy”
South By SouthWest

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